2018 Horoscope for the Fire Signs : Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Aries 2018 horoscope

This year promises to be one of exploding ideas, enthusiasm and insights. Whether you are exploring the uncharted territories of northern Alaska or visiting distant cultures at your local adult education classes, your mind is fertile with desire to soar and sail with the adventure of learning.

Your entire belief system is up for a big shift and some of you could even be considering converting your religion. But mostly it’s a year of discovery through travel, or meeting foreigners at home or taking classes learning that there is another world out there and you are ready to meet it.

The best part of the year is from January through July 12th when Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion moves through your sector of learning and communications providing the perfect stimulus for fresh ideas, enhanced with much enthusiasm with the ideas that you want to express. This cycle happens once every 12 years and Jupiter always adds the element of optimism and future possibilities.
In addition to the positive influence of Jupiter you will have the good fortune of having loving and creative Venus transiting your sign from February 3rd through June 6th. A time of falling in love and being at a creative peak.

Leo 2018 horoscope

You have been in a holding pattern in the past several years with many challenges and difficulties with relationships. However the blocks that have been holding you back begin to lift this year and allowing you to feel that perhaps there is a light at the end of the recent dark tunnel.

But you are now seeing yourself in an entirely different light and especially because of your relationship changes and this new perspective will trigger different choices that will help the shifting of your recent blocked energies to a more progressive and flowing year.

Jupiter, the planet of protection and good fortune will be stimulating your hopes for the future from January through July 12th. This is a time of feeling optimistic about your plans and goals. Friendships can be of great benefit and generosity during this time and so can group activities and organizations. This cycle happens once every 12 years and will compel you to look towards building your future plans in a much more confident manner.

Sagittarius 2018 horoscope

If you know your rising sign you can also read the information of that sign for a fuller interpretation of the coming year trends. These general trends are important subtexts of your unfolding future but to zero in on the specifics you need to know your time of birth to learn exactly how and where these planetary energies are affecting you specifically which is the job of a professional astrologer.

Freedom, independence and adventure is your calling which is often why most of you never settle down or at least never completely commit to one person until later in life. Saturn is transiting your 7th house sector of partnerships, contracts, the public and marriages. Saturn represents the work that you need to accept and confront by taking on added responsibilities. This can be a time of divorce or marriage. If it’s divorce then chances are that you were using your arrangement to avoid real intimacy so that by being free again you can be available for a more intimate and mature encounter. If you are getting married you are learning the lesson of commitment with another person instead of always being the independent free-spirit. This can also be a time of committing to contracts or confronting broken contractual agreements.

This is the peak of the 30 year Saturn cycle around the horoscope indicating the leaving of 15 years of building of a foundation and now entering the last 15 years of moving more out into the world stage based of the foundation built previously. This is a period of coming out more externally whether it’s with a personal relationship commitment or expanding your professional status further with what I like to call “the big boys.”

The maturing growth lessons of Saturn that is currently transiting Gemini from the Spring of 2017 until July 2018 is in your 7th house sector. Saturn represents duty, obligations and responsibility. Saturn’s transit focuses our attention on what important lessons of reality we must address during it’s cycle. Saturn in Gemini is not in a compatible aspect to your sun sign. This cycle not only brings your attention to partnership issues that will be uncomfortable for you to learn but also tends to make you feel tired, depleted and often depressed basically because you are stretching beyond your usual emotional patterns. If you don’t take responsibility, life will present you with many challenges and difficulties that involve partnership and contract issues.

Esoteric Astrology looks at Saturn as representing karmic debts that must be paid in this lifetime, also called one’s Dharma, or a person’s sense of what is their job as a spiritual human being during their current lifetime. The Nodes indicate the overall soul journey, or the karmic river flow that is the undercurrent of everyone’s life and often the karmic relationships which come into our lives to help the process of events unfold.

Saturn is transiting with the North Node together in the sign of Gemini from October 2017 through April 2018. This period will be a time in history that all of us are forced to face our karmic or important life issues that the Gemini influence indicates for you with 7th house relationship issues. This combination happens about every 20 to 25 years but it hasn’t happened in Gemini since the 19th Century. The last time you might want to look when these karmic forces were forcing us to do some major inner house cleaning was 1978 to 1979 in the sign of Virgo.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth and prosperity. Often the sector that it’s transits during the year is where you will feel lucky or protected. Jupiter is transiting until the end of July the sign of Cancer which brings it’s influence to your 8th house sector ruling other people’s money, taxes, sex and transformations. August 2018 through August 2019 Jupiter will be in Leo transiting your 9th house sector ruling travel, education, media and the law. Leo tends to be more beneficial for your sun sign than Cancer.

My forecast tape for 2018 will go into further details with how the various planetary cycles will be affecting you during the year, including the retrograde periods for Mercury and Venus. Plus on side two of this 60 minute cassette tape will be an overview of world events including projections for George Bush and the USA. Go and read the 2018 horoscope for all zodiac signs on horoscope2018.guru.